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Starlite Basic Elasticated Canvas Ballet Shoe, Full Sole

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• These ballet shoes are designed to provide a balance of comfort and flexibility. The upper part of the shoe is made of a soft canvas material, which allows for ease of movement while conforming to the shape of the dancer's foot. The full suede sole offers excellent traction and durability, making it ideal for various dance styles, including ballet.

• The soft canvas material gives the shoe a lightweight and breathable feel, ensuring the dancer's feet stay cool during intensive training sessions. The suede sole, on the other hand, provides just the right amount of grip on studio floors, allowing dancers to execute turns, jumps, and ballet techniques with precision and control.

• A major feature of this shoe is the elasticated top line which eliminates the need for an untidy drawstring, while easing pressure on the top of dancer's foot.

• Elasticated Topline

• Pre-sewn single elastic

• Soft canvas upper

• Cotton lining

• Full suede sole

• Child sizes : 4 Small to 5½ Large, including ½ sizes

• Adult sizes : 6 Large to 10 Large including ½ sizes

• VAT starts at UK size 6.

• Colours : Black, Pink, Sand, White

Size Chart

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