BLOCH® 170 B Morph Pointe Shoe

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• Combines with an innovative shank to provide superior support and comfort.

• TMT™ technology allows the shoe to be molded to perfection, enabling the shoe to be broken-in and molded to the foot sooner

• The shank is crafted from a 21st century material that provides durable support and is virtually unbreakable The platform is high and wide to encourage balanced weight distribution

• Satin upper

• Textile lining

• Leather sole

• Cotton drawstring

• Medium-length U-shaped vamp

• The unique TMT™ paste becomes pliable when heat activated with a hair dryer, enabling the dancer to mold the shoes to the individual contours of the feet providing superior comfort

• Heel cushion

• Noise reduction under the pleats

• Removable internal gel toe cushions

• Sizes : UK 2 Large to 8 Large, including ½ sizes

• (3 Width fittings) , X = Narrow, XX = Medium, XXX = Wide

• VAT starts at UK size 6.

• Colour : Pink

• A Pointe shoe must fit properly in order to provide the support required to dance en Pointe. Poorly fitted shoes can result in accident and injury. We recommend professional fitting. We advise that the Dance Teacher approve the shoe before wearing.

• Ribbons are sold separately

Size Chart

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