Starlite Nylon Lycra Sissy Leotard

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• The Starlite Sissy leotard is a sleeveless skirted leotard with a pinched front in Nylon Lycra.

• This leotard design is often used in shows and performances. The leotard features a sleeveless design, with the armholes extending to the shoulder blades, allowing for a full range of motion. The front of the leotard has a scoop neckline, which is both flattering and comfortable and features a pinched front which creates a subtle gathering of the fabric at the centre of the chest. This detail adds a touch of elegance and femininity to the garment.

• The regular leg line provides ample coverage and support for the legs while still allowing freedom of movement.

• Fabric : Nylon Lycra 80% Nylon 20% Lycra® Elastane - The leotard is made from a blend of Nylon and Lycra, giving it a smooth, slightly shiny finish. The fabric is lightweight, stretchy, and breathable, allowing for a wide range of motion and ensuring the dancer remains comfortable during performances

• Child size : 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3A

• Adult sizes : 3, 4, 5

• Vat starts at adult size 3

• Colours : Pale Blue, Black, Delphinium, Flo Pink, Lilac, Mulberry , Navy, Pink, Raspberry, Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise, White, Yellow

Size Chart

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