So Danca SD120 Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoe, Split Sole

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  • The canvas ballet slipper superhero! Só Dança realizes that dancers are people too and people have a left and right foot. So why not have your ballet shoes made for the left and right? Single seam, split sole stretch canvas shoe that has smaller toe and heel pads facilitating a better connection with the floor

• Superior fitting stretch canvas split sole cut from a single piece of fabric creating a left and right foot. This allows for the shoe to mold to the dancers feet

• Elastic casing replaces the drawstring for a streamlined look

• Smaller suede toe and heel pads are lightly cushioned for a better connection with the floor

• Pre-sewn crossed elastics (ready to use right out of the box)

  • Sizes : UK 2 Large to 10 Large including half sizes.

  • Vat starts at UK size 6.

  • Colours : Black, Pink, White

Size Chart

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