Wear Moi La Pointe Demi-Pointe Shoe

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• The La Pointe Demi-Pointe by Wear Moi is designed and handcrafted in the finest European traditions and is perfect for preparing the student for Pointe work

• Like La Pointe's full Pointe shoes, this Demi-Pointe shoe displays a classic look, but with a new age feel. Traditionally stitched inside out, it is made of the highest quality natural materials and offers a non-slip leather outsole and sleek pleats

• It's specially developed toe box utilizes a superior paste designed specifically for a softer, more comfortable shoe, which forms easily to the shape of the individual's foot

• This Demi Pointe shoe is made to the same designs as the full pointe shoe, but comes with a 1/4 length, extra soft shank, providing just the right resistance for working the Demi-Pointe in preparation for full Pointe work

• This Demi Pointe has a Square Box and U-Cut Vamp

• Please Note: This is a Demi-Pointe shoe and should not be used for going onto full Pointe

• Satin : Upper

• Textile : Lining

• Leather : Sole

• Sizes : UK Adult 2 to 9 including ½ sizes

• 3 width fittings, XX = Narrow, XXX = Medium, XXXX = Wide

• A Pointe shoe must fit properly in order to provide the support required to dance en Pointe. Poorly fitted shoes can result in accident and injury. We recommend professional fitting. We advise that the Dance Teacher approve the shoe before wearing.

• Colour : Pink

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